Running With Nike

Running is one of my favourites sports. I try do go on a run as often as I can. When you go on a run it’s important to wear clothes that are good for running. My favourite company that has sports clothes is Nike. Below you can see an example of a perfect outfit for a run.

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All pieces are available here.

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Autumn Shoes

It’s autumn now and when the temperatures drop down you need to have good shoes that keep your feet warm an protect them from rain.
Recently I bought myself a pair of Timberland boots and I’m in love with them! I can’t wait to wear them every day. They’re soo comfortable! I bought them on Amazon and got them for a really nice price. I think they look really good to jeans and a checked shirt (below is a picture of it).

Details of the outfit above:
Shirt and jeans – Hollister / Boots – Timberland

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Summer outfit in September

It is the 20th of September and the weather is perfect! We’ve got around 21 degrees celsius yet and it is not even afternoon. That means it will be hotter when it is around 3 or 4 pm.
Today I will go out for a bit of shopping with my mum and we will meet my grandma as well. To this weather I’ve decide to wear a summer ouftit even it is almost autumn but it is warm and the sun is shining.
See below what I am wearing today and above the pictures are the details of the outfit.



Top – S.Oliver / Jeans – Hollister / Shoes – Converse

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New Pieces From Topshop

Even if I love summer, I am looking forward to autumn. The leaves fall, it gets dark in the evening earlier and the temperatures drop. But the most thing I am excited about is the autumn fashion. I just saw the new pieces from Topshop on their website and I love them! They have so many things that are perfect for the next season and I love nearly all of them!










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Back To School Outfit

Summer holidays are over unfortunately. My last year at school has begun. I really can’t wait to leave school next summer but I’m also a bit afraid of what will happen after it.
Anyway, now it’s time to be focused on the next year. My a-levels are coming closer so I have to study a lot. Of course I will try to post as much as I can.
Today was my first day at school and it was so good to see my friends and classmates again. I haven’t seen some of them the last six weeks so we had a lot to tell.
Today I decided to wear a more classical outfit. I am wearing a shirt which I recently bought and some black skinny jeans. Also I wear some shoes with a little heel that are still comfy enough for school.
See below the pictures for outfit details.



Shirt – Hollister / Jeans – Only / Shoes – Tamaris

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