October Favourites

First of all: Happy Halloween! Hope everyone is having fun today!

This post is my October Favourites post. So scoll down to look what I liked this month. I actually don’t have many favourites this month because I wasn’t really out for shopping  (only online shopping). My post about my November Favourites will be longer I guess as I’m going to Boston and New York (while you read this I’m already there).
Hope you like this post nevertheless!

Lindt Excellence with 99% cacao: One word for it–> delicious!DSCI0016

New backpack in the vintage style for my trip to the USA. I bought it on ebay.DSCI0030

Started this book and loved it every second! A must-have for readers!DSCI0031

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Dermasence Cream Soft

Skincare is really important. You can begin with it at every age. I personally have searched for a face cream that is good for my skin type since ages because I tend to have oily skin which is really hard to treat. Recently I found the ‘Dermasence Cream Soft’ on the online pharmacy Medpexx. This cream is exactly what I wanted the whole time! It’s a cream for oily and combination skin that tends to blemishes. The cream contains avocado oil, panthenol and vitamin E.






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Autumn Fashion – Hollister

I’m a big Hollister lover! Every time I’m in the near of one of their stores I’ve to go in it. The prices are not the cheapest but the quality is really good and I always feel very comfortable in their clothes.
Below I’ve got an outfit for you to wear this season. I’ve got the same jacket and I really love to wear it.
The shoes of this outfit are from Converse.

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Vanessa Hudgens’ style

Since the High School Musical movies I’m a big fan of Vanessa Hudgens. I love her as an actress but also as a style icon. She always knows what style suits her best and what she can wear. No matter if she’s out and about on the streets or attends one of the red carpets on this world she looks gorgeous all the time!
I love her sense of style a lot. When it’s time for the Coachella Festival in Indio, USA in April I’m always looking forward to see what kind of outfits the chose. IMG_6612.PNG

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Pumpkin Soup

I guess you already know that I love healthy food. The feeling of eating a healthy meal is the best! Now it’s autumn and that means it’s pumpkin time. I love cooking a healthy pumpkin meal. In this blog post I want to show you how to cook a yummy and healthy meals that is also vegetarian. This recipe is for one big cooking pot (you can see the one I took in the pictures below) or for 4 to 6 people.

For the soup you need:
2 little Pumpkins
Ca. 12 Carotts
1 Onion
Herbs and Spices
2 Cans of Coconut Milk
Margarine or Butter


1. At first you put the pumkins into the oven on 160°C for 30 minutes. This will help you when you have to slice them into little bits.

2. While the pumkins are in the oven you can wash, peel and slice the carrots and the onion into cubes and put them into the cooking pot afterwards (also add a bit of margarine or butter)

3.  When the pumkins are soft enough to sclice you can put them out of the oven. You don’t have to peel them because the shell is able to be eaten.  Just remove the stems and then you can slice the pumkins in 4 halves each. Now it’s time to remove the  cores.


4. After that you slice the pumkins into cubes as well and add them to the carrots and onion in the cooking pot.


5. Now sauté the carrots, punkings and onion for a few minutes.


6. The next step is to add water to the cooking pot. The vegetables should be just covered. Now it has to cook until the vegetables are soft so that you can puree.


7. If the vegetables are soft enough to puree, you can start with that. (Be careful, it can sqirt!)

8. Now the soup is almost done. You only have to add the coconut milk and some herbs and spices. Add as much as you want.



9. Now it’s finally time to eat and to enjoy a healthy and easy meal.


Bon appetit!

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